12 Days Left of 2009...My Top 5 Dreams of the Year

My Top 5 Dreams of 2009

This'll be a well-duh post. A, yeah, I figured as much post. An obviously-obvious post.

5. My number 5 dream of 2009: Have one of my queries be completely fruitful and land me an agent.

4. My number 4 dream of 2009: Have my query stats end with a big happy bang (aka an agent).

3. My number 3 dream of 2009: Have my book trailer end up impressing an agent.

2. My number 2 dream of 2009: To "stop looking at the warts," and just believe I'll get an agent.

1. My number 1 dream of 2009: To never stop being inspired by life. And get an agent.

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