Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The Harry Potter trailer was released and I have watched it three times in a row. I can't wait till November...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Few More Exciting Things

Back from the beach and a wee bit sad it ended. Love that week at the shore because it's magical in every way.

However, I have a few things I'm excited about (yes, I'm STILL excited)...

1. Stopped off at Borders on the drive home and purchased FOUR new books: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo & The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Magicians and finally, Bad Things Happen.

2. While I was away I got a full request for my MG sci/fi novel THE END OF NORMAL.

3. My sister, her husband and their sugar muffin of a daughter are here for two more weeks!

4. I have a new book a'brewin...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm SO Excited

No, I didn't land an agent. Yet.

But, I have even better news. My sister, her husband and their 10 month old daughter, Scarlett Jane, arrive from Sydney at midnight!!!!

Feel free to jump up and down with me. I'm jumping right now. Really, I am.

And, since we're all jumping I'll share that I finished my 5th YA novel. And I love it. To death.

I'd like to give a HUGE & public shout out to the best crit partner known to human kind...Susan Mills. When you visit her blog know that she is in "Random Summer Blogging" mode. The woman is one of the most dedicated bloggers out there, so check back for her new posts...they're worth it.

In the spirit of jumping for joy, a few random Yay's:

Yay for sisters coming home for visits.

Yay for finishing what you started.

Yay for my house being the cleanest its been in years. Having guests fly half way around the world to visit inspires me.

Yay for our family reunion at the beach, starting Saturday. All 100+ of us descend upon the small town and have the most fun any group of people can possibly have.

Yay for my coaching job ending today. I will enjoy the summer off.

Yay that I survived my very first root canal yesterday. Compared to child birth, it was nothin'

Yay for potential, and possibilities, and the unknown, dreams, tenacity, and luck. K.M. Walton is back, baby. Back I tell you. My boo-hoo's are oh-ver.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alright, Universe. I'm Listening. Again.

Dear Universe,

Lately I've read a few blogs where writers make witty deals with you, and I smile and chuckle at their bold bravery. I don't want to make a deal with you. Not today at least.

Instead I want to acknowledge the situation I find myself in today - a very familiar situation - an exciting situation. I believe with my soul, that you, fine Universe, are teaching me one hell of a lesson in patience. Kudos to your mad teaching skills.

My last post helped me release my crippling sense of frustration with my query experience to date...release it back to you, Universe.

I think you listened.

Yesterday I got a full request.

And today, a second full request.

So, Universe, I hear you. My dormant tenacity has been re-awakened. I will charge forward. I will not give up.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Enough. Or maybe I need a break.

I've had a few blows this week, aka, rejections on the two novels I've been querying...for FOREVER. Each agent didn't like something different, which has honestly been par for the course since I started this query experience.

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic...I think I'm going to take some time off to lick my wounds and do some writer'ish soul searching.

I know the Alchemist says the universe makes you earn your success, but seriously?

I know I just blogged about mindset and how the growth mindset thinker looks at "failure" as a chance to dig deeper and grow, but really?

I know I also blogged about hope, but hope only gets one so far before doubt crawls in. And devours hope in a single bite.

I know I also blogged about Drive, Determination, Desire and Destiny. Got 'em all. But in reality, they're really just four words that start with D.

I know, I'm being a Debbie Downer. I'm allowed.

For the record, I just can't seem to break through to the next level. No matter what I do. And believe me, I've done a lot (I'm certain there is absolutely nothing left for me to do except finish my current WIP and start the whole life-draining query process over again - after countless hours of WIP revision and then query letter writing, and re-writing, of course).

Wah-wha-wha. Boo hoo for me. I know. I know. I know. I just felt like venting a wee bit.

On a truly sappy note, love you all...anyone who has stuck with this blog...anyone who is a new reader...anyone who just stopped by out of the blue. Your comments and readership make me happy.