New Querying Stats

84 queries sent to date

8 new queries sent today (my son is home sick & I needed something to fill the time)

45 official rejections (the rejections on the fulls hurt worse than a high-school break-up)

4 partials still out

1 full still out

74 = times I've re-visited, revised, re-written my opening chapter

3 = boxes of band-aids blown-through to cover fingers while writing/querying

7,999 = times I've checked my email for agent responses

3 = times I've felt really, really, really hopeful that things were going to end well for me

3 = times I've had that really, really, really hopeful feeling squashed like a bug

329 = times I told myself it just would take time, but inside I'd tell myself it was never gonna happen. My self is a double-personality bitch.

100,000+ = times people I love told me to be patient and it would happen for me (I love the people I love)

*note, except for query stats, all other numbers are a dramatic guestimation and are in full compliance with my disorder, overlydramatosis.

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