Sisters in Australia

My youngest sister Christina married a wickedly cool guy, Iain, and he's an Aussie. So, they moved there summer of '06. Christina - the adventurer - went willingly. We sent them off drenched in tears and squeezed them as tightly as we could. Good news though, they're happy, they're surrounded by his wonderful family and friends, they're going to have their first baby.

Super exciting times. But, it gets sooooooooo much better my blogtastic friends. Sooooo much better.

I knew I was going to get to Oz this summer to celebrate the birth of their first child. Come hell or high water. I was going. Then my husband wanted in. Then my two sons got wind and wanted to go back. The four of us went the summer of '07 and holy mother of god it was incredible.

I started watching airline ticket prices - and they were slowly coming down. Once they reached a ridiculously low amount I sent an email out to my other two sisters trying to get them to jump in and get there too. The four sisters in Australia. WILD.

One sister said she couldn't get off of work. The other said money was too tight. Dammit. No sisters in Australia.

But then, and this is the goooooood part, then, my sister Nikole swooped in and offered to lend my other sister the ticket money so she and my nephew could go. How cool is that move? And then she got off from work - so she could go as well. We were back to the four sisters in Australia. WILD.

All of us got our tickets the end of this week. Done deal. We're all going.

We are going to have the best time being together.
P.S. my next post, I'll share the piece I wrote right before Chrissy and Iain moved to Australia. It's called Dancing in the Dining Room.
Christina, Nikole, Meghan & Me
On the Ocean City Board Walk - Summer 2008

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