One Old Soul

If you didn't read yesterday's post, I think you may need to or this will mean nothing.

Got a partial request today for the first 50 pages of EVERYTHING'S NOT LOST and I had to get myself to Staples. Gathered the kids and my flashdrive and took care of business. Ended up going to dinner with my boys. Amidst the warm bread and butter I ran my cross-roads-scenario by them for their opinions.

Lil' son says, "Mom, you can NOT quit writing! You love to write. Just make time, you can do that."


Big son says, "Mom, I saw this on a t-shirt recently and I think it fits here, You never know how far you have to go when you're chasing a dream. Think about it, Mom. If you stop writing, your dream will never come true."

I'm pretty sure my salad dressing dribbled down my chin. This kid is only twelve, but he's one old soul.

I ain't quitting. Won't do it. No matter if new business takes off or not. Writing make me happy and I like happy.

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