It's My Birthday and I'll Write if I Want To

So me and the super funny Carrie Harris share a birthday... Sunday. This year I decided to simplify and ask for nothing except time to write. That and handmade cards from my two boys and husband telling me why they love me so much. I ask for little.

My husband is granting my birthday wish and giving me all of Sunday to write. My NaNo number will finally squeak up and out from the abyss.

Birthday wishes are a funny thing. Not snort chocolate milk out of your nose funny, but funny nonetheless. Why funny, you ask? Well, you see, I can't recall a single birthday wish that's ever come true for me. Wait, are they violins I hear?

Behold the ghosts of Kate's past birthday wishes...

Concerning my very first boyfriend in 8th grade: "I wish he would just kiss me like three seconds longer. Just three."

Concerning my abhorrent loathing of exercise: "I wish, I wish, I wish I would wake up and have a burning desire to exercise."

Concerning query hell: "I wish an agent would call, breathless and teary-eyed, because they love my book."

Now, I'm not complaining here, I promise. What kind of birthday post would that be? Whiny, that's what kind.

Alright, back to my pile unfulfilled birthday wishes. I'm thinking I'm due for one of my flippin' wishes to pan out. I'm picturing the Birthday-Wish-Fairy all bogged down with my wishes, pissed off that she's gotta schlep them around in her wish bag, cursing me and my unrelenting wishes and wishing I would just STOP WISHING ALREADY.

Ahhh, she thinks she so intimidating with her sparkly wings and pointy ears. But she forgets, you can't keep a good Scorpio down. Oh no. We're the perpetual dreamers in the zodiac. Unlike blind wishing, you know like wishing you'd hit the lottery, my wish of publication is one I've spent countless (let me repeat that...countless) hours/days researching, revising, scouring, blogging, querying, blah-blah-blah'ing about -- like so many of you out there! So when that wish comes true it's going to feel more satisfying than chocolate on a bad day.

Anyone want to share something you fought for and achieved?

P.S. Last February I thought deeply about getting older. Yeah right.
P.S.S. Lisa & Laura are holding a contest and the prize is a Kindle. Sweet. Check it out.

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