NaNo Day 1.5

I'm at 559 words, but I've got some reeeeeaaallllly good excuses. I swear. Yesterday, the first day of NaNo I met a whole group of teachers that I used to teach with for breakfast. We laughed and laughed and relished all being together. And that took me all the way till 1:45. Then my oldest son decided to whittle, that's right I said whittle, and the knife decided to slice his finger wide open. Husband rushed him to hospital and after 4.5 hours he ended up with five stitches.

So I've socialized and dramatized my way through the day so far. No writing yet.

At 2:30 I had to go to my cousins Cash for Gold party. I didn't have any gold to bring, but I had a piece of warm chocolate chip banana bread that was the bomb. Made it home in just enough time to relieve husband so he could go to the World Series game and watch our beloved Phillies lose.

No writing yet.

Kids fed and bandages changed. Ahhh. It was 7:00 p.m. I hour before the game starts.

That's where the 559 words came from. That measly little hour. I better get my act together.

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