14 Days left of 2009: My Top 5 Things I Learned This Year as a Writer...

My Top 5 Things I've Learned as a Writer

5. It is nearly impossible for me to write when I don't have large chunks of time. I'm not a late-nighter. I'm a 'write like a maniac till I have a first draft' kind of writer and that requires hours and quiet. Looks like summer is my time to write, being in education and all.

4. Just because readers, who are not agents, read your manuscripts and freaking love them, doesn't mean donkey doo in the real world of publishing. Hard lesson to learn. Real hard lesson. But valuable.

3. I can wish and pray and "Secret" and meditate and every other spiritual thing out there all I want. The only way I'll land an agent is when an agent reads my manuscript and loves it, like a whole lot. I'm done with wishing.

2. My journey towards publication has been one hell of a fight. My nails hurt from the scratching and clawing I've done. My brain hurts from all of the research and research and research and research. I am sick to death of revising my manuscripts, and if I look at them one more time I may commit harry carry. So, I shall let them be for now.

1. I have grown to despise...no, loathe...no, wish evil upon...no, hate more than bathing suit shopping, the words, 'this is a subjective business.'

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