4 Days Left of 2009...My Top 5 Movies of the Year

My Top 5 Movies of 2009

I love going to the movies almost as much as I love diving into a new book. The whole experience excites me from the previews right down to the bite of Raisinettes followed immediately by a bite of salty popcorn.

*I decided to "go big" with the videos...so you feel like you're at the movies.

5. Star Trek
I loved this movie for the obvious big screen moments of thrill and jaw dropping effects. It was highly entertaining. And it was directed by LOST director, J. J. Abrams. If you follow my blog you know how deeply fanatical I am about LOST.

4. Avatar
I just saw this yesterday in 3D. In my opinion, the special effects in this movie blow Star Trek away. But that's not why it is up one notch on my movie scale. The real reason, well, it was the "human" story behind the effects that made me love it so much.

3. The Proposal
I saw this movie 4 times in the theater. Each time I'd say to whoever I was with, "No, it's okay, I want to see it again. Really." And I meant it. I love a good romantic comedy and this movie nails both the romance and the comedy.

2. UP
I love movies (and books) where I can put myself in the character's shoes. I've done that since I was a little girl. Watching The Wizard of Oz and imagining being Dorothy. I don't know. It always makes the movie or the book so real to me...so much better...more intense. Anyway. I had no idea the emotional wallop I would receive from the beginning of UP. I'm talking sobbing here. I kept putting my husband and I in the shoes of Carl and Ellie. Whoa. Crying. A lot. I absolutely loved every single thing about this movie and plan to watch it again and again.

1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Oh come on, it's Harry-freakin'-Potter! The books are my number 1 favorite. Even though this movie paled in comparison to the book (as usual) it's still the best story ever told and the movie is dang good. Again, see, I've always put myself in Harry's shoes and tried to imagine how insane it would be to find out you're a wizard, and not just any wizard, the most powerful wizard ever. How cool would that be?

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