Doubt Sucks Eggs, Rotten Eggs

I queried my behind off over my winter break from teaching (wish it showed in clothing - not so lucky). Sent 8 snail mails & 13 emails.

Query Stats To Date:
78 total queries sent since October 18, 2008
3 requests for full MS - no rejections yet
3 requests for partial MS - one rejection so far
34 other rejections (stupid rejections)

I also re-revised my original query, which was already brilliantly revised a few weeks back with the help of my awesome author friend - got LOADS of superior revising help. Spent WAY TOO MUCH time researching and reading others' query letters. Cried my eyes out while reading the 'road to publication' stories genius-ly compiled by Jill Wheeler (thanks for organizing those links)

Then, I questioned self, questioned ability to write, told self book wasn't that great, told self it would never happen, tasted the 'want to be published' in my tears (overdramatosis strikes yet again), picked/chewed the literal hell out of my cuticles (in the words of one, Austin Powers, "Ouch, very ouch.").

However, I also got my WIP up to page 106, ahh, but then, told self it was going nowhere & why bother writing it, boo hooed some more about having to stop WIP and go back into classroom (I know, poor me), received two more rejections today in mail...

But, I'll end on a good note - got a request for the rest of my book today, from an agent who had the first 3 chapters. Agent said they were intrigued by what was read so far. Intrigued is good.

I end with a smile.

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