One of Those Perfect Moments

We spent New Year's down in Potomac, MD with college friends
(F. U. N.). We drove back home today. As we got closer to home, we swung by my sister's to pick up my nephew - so son 1 and son 2 could have their own F. U. N. The drive from my sister's to home is through the Chester County country side. It is one of my most favorite local drives - farms, the Brandywine River, cows, horses, old homes - all awesome.

I do have a point, I promise.

So, I'm driving, my two boys and my nephew in the back, husband to my right, we're all rockin' out to Kasabian and we cross over the railroad tracks near the Northbrook Canoe drop-in. Middle of the county pitch black, one house to our right and another across the street. Twisty, small road.

And just like that, literally out of the darkness...Fireworks. Fireworks light up the trees, the river, the world. No car in front of us, no car behind us. I pull over and ka-blam, Jeff Buckley's Halleluia starts playing on Sirius.

One after the other fireworks shot up through the blackness and exploded with magic and color and spectacular randomness, all while Jeff Buckley's haunting voice floated from the speakers like swirling clouds of wonder.

It was one of those perfect human moments. Had to share.

Happy New Year.

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