A Title

I've got exciting news regarding my second book. The one coming out Spring 2013 from Simon Pulse. The one about the overweight teenaged girl who gets bullied and abused and her life spirals out of control.

The one without a title.

It used to have a title, but the very smart people at Simon Pulse felt it didn't convey the heart of the story, and I agreed. So we all went back to the drawing board. It was during my first round of revisions that a single word continued to surface. A perfect word. A word that did get right to the heart of Dell's story. It described how she felt emotionally - especially after everyone in her life fails her - and how she never felt in regards to food.

I sent my revised manuscript back to my editor with that one word on the title page, along with a PS in my email saying: I titled it EMPTY—just so I could have something on there. 

Well guess what? Simon Pulse loved EMPTY!  So EMPTY it is. I am elated that my title stuck!!

I can't wait to see what they come up with for the cover. 

PS If you click on the hyperlinked Simon Pulse up there, you'll see my studio interview, filmed during my epic December visit to the Simon & Schuster building.

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