I'm Back

I climbed out of the revision cave Saturday night after spending weeks and weeks down there. I've been working on the line edits and revision notes from my editor, for my second novel. I'm glad on the other side of that round. And the world is bright up here, so bright. Yipee, yahoo, yay.

While I was down there I was also busy working on some insanely exciting new events. A few weeks before my launch, one of my friends from my college dorm (one of those forever friends that my husband and I are still friends with after 25 years) called to tell me that he had given my name to a representative from the West Chester University Foundation (our Alma mater).

Long story short, I was already booked to speak at WCU through the Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project on February 23rd, because I'm a PAWLP Fellow. So, during my breakfast with two WCU Foundation representatives, they pitched an event to me and came up with the brilliant idea to blend their idea with the PAWLP event. 

The event is now official and set and I am blown-away-honored.

Here is the promotional poster they made for the event:
If you are in the area, try and come, but be sure to RSVP (info above).

I've also added a lot more signings and events to my calendar. Visit kmwalton.com, click on the Events drawer, and see if I'll be in your neck of the woods!

Also, the first place filmmakers from TGM Films made a few requested tweaks to their trailer, and it is now live and viewable over at kmwalton.com - just click on the Cracked Book Trailer post-it to see their incredible work.

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