My First High School Visit

Last week I had the privilege of presenting and signing books at Rustin High School, in West Chester, PA.

It was my very first high school presentation. Excitement and nervousness accompanied me that day. Even though I spent twelve years in the classroom - none of them were teaching high school. These kids were going to be much bigger than my twelve-year-old sixth graders.

They were indeed bigger, but they were incredible.

With my mom looking on from the sidelines, we talked books, bullying and writing, for close to three hours. Many students flowed in and out, but there was a core group of about twelve that stayed the duration. To have my intended readers--high school students--share their favorite parts of CRACKED with me and ask poignant questions, was a dream come true.

One of my favorite moments came at the end. Everyone had gotten up out of their seats and was gathering their things. A senior girl came up to me and asked how she could work on making her writing flow. I nearly fainted with happiness. We talked - writer to writer - and I gave her some ideas, and it felt magical to me.

The whole experience cemented that speaking in front of kids (regardless of age) is one of my passions.

I can't wait to do it again!

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