A Scary Book

Since turning in my revisions back to my editor, I have started writing a new book. It doesn't have a title, but then again, none of my books had a title this early. It does have a sixteen-year-old girl with a little brother who sees and communicates with ghosts, and a creepy house from the late 1700s, and an adorably sexy love interest and, and, and...

I can only write this book in the day. When I'm "in it" even the phone ringing startles me.

I know it's all bright and sunny in this photo, but in order for this blog post to work I need you to                                                picture this house in the dead of night ; )

I've gotten it up to page 33 in exactly five days, and I can't wait to dive back in today. Wish me luck.

PS Tell me what you're working on out there (and it doesn't have to be writing related)!!! I'd love to hear all about it.

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