Visiting NYC - part 2

I left off right at the good part....

After lunch I spent some time in Simon & Schuster's Studio 4, where, as two cameras rolled, I was asked a series of brilliantly thoughtful questions. Gulp. Luckily, the nice people at S & S gave me the questions ahead of time, so I could come prepared with somewhat intelligent things to say. I have no idea how it'll turn out. All of my extremities are crossed that I don't come off as a bumbling dumb-dumb. I also cut a spot for No Name Calling Week and another one for My Literary Crush.

As we walked through the halls I got to meet people, a whole lot of people--many of whom I've corresponded with via email or twitter. It was fantastic to put faces to names. I was eventually led to a part of the S & S building that's called the Inner Sanctum, where they had people and snacks and my books and signs with my head on them--all waiting for me.
One of the signs they had hanging all around.
Surreal. Wild. Words can't describe.

And then they had me sign books, as in, people literally stood in line and waited to sit across from me and have them sign their book. Having publishing professionals look you in the eye and tell you that your book made them cry or laugh or feel something deeply is way up there on the blow-your-mind scale, let me tell you.

I'd liken the experience to my wedding day, when I floated around in a glorious daze, sort of present and sort of out-of-body. It was kind of like that. All I know is that my cheeks ached after the Inner Sanctum reception ended, much the same as when my wedding reception ended.

A enormous THANK YOU goes out to Annette Pollert--and everyone in that building--for making me feel so welcomed and special.

Here are a few photographs I took while we were up there.

Tune in tomorrow for Part one in my blog series The Anatomy of a Book Launch

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