Bizee Bizee Bizee

Why hello, wonderful blog friends. How have you all been? I sincerely mean that--let me know in your comments.

I've been busy working on lots of exciting things: my trailer contest, revisions for my second book, my launch event, and marketing, marketing, marketing. I've also managed to read two amazing books that I'd like to highlight here:

SHATTER ME by Tahera Mafi


Each book has managed to leave an indelible mark upon my psyche, because it has been well over a week since I finished, and I find myself thinking about the characters in quiet moments. That's when I know a book was powerful. If you click on the cover images, you'll be taken to my goodreads reviews.

I also wanted to share some upcoming blog plans. Starting on Tuesday, December 20th, I'm beginning a three part blog post titled, The Anatomy of a Book Launch. I will share, in detail, the steps I've taken to launch CRACKED. I figured it may help those who will be launching in the future.

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