Who Started Your Dream Bloghop

I've never done a bloghop before, so I'm excited. First, this bloghop came about because of the Platform Building Campaign I am participating in this year. Ten of my fellow Campaigners banded together and put this bloghop together.

Rachael Harrie's Platform Building Campaign is fantastic (if you're not one of the Campaigners this year, visit her blog and get the details for next year's. It's such an incredible way to meet new bloggers and build your follower list.)

To begin, behold our button created by fellow Campaigner and bloghopper Ali Cross.

I am to start out by sharing the book that, "started my dream" of being a writer. I'd like to slightly re-phrase the question to: which book started your dream to write CRACKED. While John Green's LOOKING FOR ALASKA and Libba Bray's GOING BOVINE strongly influenced me before I wrote CRACKED, the one book that "started my dream" was definitely Sherman Alexie's THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE STORY OF A PART TIME INDIAN.

Before reading that book I didn't realize a story could be so real or so raw for teenaged readers. The main character spoke like an actual sixteen-year-old guy - not what the adult writer thought a sixteen-year-old guy should talk like. He felt completely authentic to me as I read. I distinctly remember gasping a few time and raising my brows in a "Wow, can he say that in a YA book?" kind of way. The book is genius from start to finish and remains one of my all-time-favorite-reads.

I wanted to write a real and raw book after turning the last page of INDIAN, and CRACKED was conceived and born. Hopefully, when it is released on January 3, 2012, readers will fall in love with my boys as much as I fell in love with Alexie's MC....

Now onto official bloghop business.

ANY comment left on this post (and subsequent comments you may make if you do some bloghopping) qualifies for PRIZES. Yep, not only do you meet some new bloggers, but you have the chance to win these super spectacular prizes:

- QUERY CRITIQUE from Robyn Campbell
- 500 WORD CRITIQUE from Michele Helene
- A 30 PAGE CRITIQUE from Stephanie
- A 25 PAGE CRITIQUE from Rachele Alpine
- A YA BOOK from Bonnie Ray

How 'bout them apples?

Now here's how the hopping of blogs works:
  1. Leave a comment here with perhaps the book that started your dream - or your favorite read of the moment or just a straight-up-comment of your choosing. Whatever works for you.
  2. Hop to the next two blogs on the list below and leave a comment there as well. The more comments you leave, the more you increase your chance of winning one of those awesome prizes listed above.
  3. Each blog has shiny new people to hop to at the bottom of their post. Just think of all the new blogs you'll experience today.
  4. The last day to comment is Thursday, September 22nd.
  5. Winners will be selected through random.org
Blogs to hop on over to:

Cat Gerlach - click HERE
And Ali Cross (quick but important side note, Ali will be posting her bloghop post tomorrow, so check back on her blog Friday, September 16th and comment) - click HERE

I wish you happy hopping my friends!

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