Random Friday Goodness

First there's THIS

I went to see Ellen Hopkins at the Chester County Book and Music Company for her book signing of PERFECT. I admit I had an ulterior motive: to watch an author who knows what the heck they're doing, do a book signing. I learned a lot.

I bumbled through meeting her and sounded like a dope. She smiled up at me and probably thought, this woman wrote a book? She was lovely and kind and after Anne Marie introduced me, Ellen said, "Wait, pills in a cup, right?" My eyes went wide and I was speechless.

And as an added bonus, A. S. King was there in the audience. It was surreal that she recognized me. I mean, seriously, she won the Printz Honor and wrote one of my favorite books of all time.

It was a great experience all around and I even got to see Joanne Fritz!

Then I read a tweet from fellow writer and friend Kelly Lyman that said: Awesome review of @KMWalton1 debut novel CRACKED 5 stars out of 5...you go girl!

Corrine Jackson, I'm humbled by your review, and I thank you for loving "my boys" as much as I do.

And to keep up with the randomness I will share three final things:
1. I switched from Firefox to Google Chrome and I survived. I'm loving the chrome.
2. Russel Hantz' nephew Brandon on SURVIVOR is fascinating to watch. God I love that show.
3. CRACKED has it's very own fan page on Facebook. Check it out HERE.

Hope you have a great weekend. 

P.S. Anyone who left a bloghop comment a while back should check HERE to see if you're a bloghop prize winner!!

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