Campaigner Spotlights round 3

It's time for a fresh round of Platform Building Campaigner Spotlights. Today's group of five is a varied and interesting group of bloggers. I sincerely hope you take the time and make some new blogosphere friends today.

Meet Andrew Leon
Andrew is a huge movie and comic book fan and when comic books get turned into movies, well, he's a happy dude. He's a writer, a family man and has his first novel available on Amazon.

Visit his blog: StrangePegs

Meet The Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is the name this Chinese teenaged girl living in America goes by when blogging. How mysterious. She's a writer who loves creating new worlds. A reader who loves escaping into grand adventures. And a learner who likes to have fun. Her blog is as varied as she is.

Visit her blog: The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

Meet Beth Fred
Beth writes books about demons and reviewed 52 books last year. She has studied both law and physics (yeah, wow) and is working on her third manuscript.

Visit her blog: Beth's Blog

Meet Lady Gwen
Gwen blogs about running and writing. She admits it's a strange combo but it works. She writes paranormal YA and is in the editing stage.

Visit her blog: Run, Gwen, Run! Write, Gwen, Write!

Meet Rachele Alpine
Rachele's first novel, CANARY will be released from Medallion Press, fall 2013. She is a high school teacher by day, a MFA fiction writing student by night and she uses her free time in between to write.

Visit her blog: Freckle Head



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