Campaigner Spotlights

As you know I am participating in Rachael Harrie's Platform Building Campaign this year. Each week during the Campaign I plan to spotlight five fellow Campaigners. I hope you go and visit their blogs, join in their conversations, and make some new connections.

Meet Michele Helene

She writes for children, has lived in many interesting places and blogs about her life as a writer. Visit her blog, A Wanderer in Paris.

Meet MFlick
She's a high school English teacher and YA writer who loves dogs and dance. Visit her blog: Oh! For LOVE of BOOKS!

Meet Kelley

Kelley writes on an Alphasmart 3000, thinks mornings should be productive and loves to read YA and horror. Visit her blog Writtled.

Meet Robyn Campbell

Robyn is a woman of faith, lives on a farm and writes Picture books and MG. Visit her blog Putting Pen to Paper.

Meet Jules

Jules is a book reviewer living in Scotland, who loves to read and says she drinks far too much coffee. Visit her blog The Great, The Good and The Bad.

That's it for today's Campaigner Spotlights. I hope you stop by each of their blogs and get to know some new people. Check back next week for five fresh spotlights.

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