Zee Winner

1. Thank you to every old and new follower for participating and spreading the word about my contest (and blog).
2. Instead of Random.org, which charges money to use its random sorter (booo), I found a free sorter called The Hat by Harmony Hollow Software. Free is good. Below is a screen shot of what the program looks like.

3. As stated in Zee Rules, each contestant was entered into The Hat according to the number of points gained. E.g. Lisa & Laura were entered 6 times into The Hat.

4. The Hat pulled out a winner. Oh yes it did...and the winner of the very first Spring-Fresh contest is........................

She was sort of unbeatable, I mean the girl had 21 entries. 21!! Thank you to Hayley for spreading the word so earnestly over on her blog. She is a classy, intelligent, and charming young woman. If you've never stopped by The Writer's Hollow, go head and you'll see what I mean.

Congratulations, Hayley!!!!!!! I'll email you with prize details.

Thanks again, everyone. Hope to see you around here soon.

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