Looking for Alaska

Thanks to Nathan Bransford I discovered the writer John Green's work. First a well deserved high five to Mr. Bransford for leading me to Mr. Green.

I got myself to the book store and was told they'd have to order me a copy of Looking for Alaska by John Green. I remember feeling deeply bummed out. The nice lady guided me back to the shelf where the book should've been and picked up An Abundance of Katherines by the same John Green.

"This one is also pretty popular," she said.

"Oh," I said, "Thanks." But its not the book I wanted.

She walked away, and I spent a few minutes checking out "the replacement."

I not only bought the book, I read the book in 2 days, and I loved the book. My favorite thing: his masterful skill of writing authentic dialogue. He also knows how to craft deeply interesting characters.

Jump ahead with me to this past Saturday. I'm back in the same book store with my youngest and I b-line it to the "G" section of YA. They have five copies of Looking for Alaska. Immediately I think, hey, why didn't someone call me? Then, I do a small, excited yelp.

I read part of Saturday and part of Sunday and finished the book. John Green did it again for me.

1. Authentic dialogue
2. Deeply interesting characters

If you're curious, by authentic dialogue I mean the REAL way actual teenagers talk. Nothing is sugar coated. Nothing reads as if an adult is trying to voice a teenager. Nothing feels fake or corny. Nothing is held back - hence, authentic. As I read, I felt as if I were in the situations, just watching and listening - that's how good his writing is.

Check both books out. You will not regret the reads.

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