Mantra vs. Goal

Back at the end of February I stumbled upon a PBS special. It had this guy on a huge stage with two or three humongous flat screen televisions scattered behind him -- each TV surrounded by a gigantic though bubble frame. The title of the program was, Excuses Be Gone. The guy? Dr. Wayne Dyer...motivational speaker.

The part that held me completely captivated? The part I've replayed in my mind hundreds of times?

He took a goal and flashed it on one of the TV's. I can't remember the specific goal so I am going to share mine: I want to become a published writer.

Then, on the other TV he transformed the goal into a mantra: It is my destiny to be a published writer.

He suggested writing this mantra everywhere you are: your car, next to your computer screen, your nightstand, the fridge, etc... See it often, say it often and believe it 100%.

He went on to say that each night before closing your eyes in bed, say your mantra and more importantly, let your body and mind feel what it will feel like when the goal is achieved. Literally allow your body to feel the excitement, the joy, the whole she-bang.

I've been waiting to blog about this because I wanted to test it out. On March 1, 2010 I woke up and wrote my mantras...two of them.

1. I am destined to be a published writer
2. I will land my dream agent.

The first week I didn't miss a single night of "feeling" the excitement right before I fell asleep. My heart raced, I clenched my fists and grinned like a looney bird, and I felt like I had just heard word I was going to be published. The following weeks had repeat performances.

On April 6, 2010 I got word that the research book I co-authored was offered a contract for publication. Click here for that exciting news if you missed it.

On April 16, 2010 I got word that my YA novel EVERYTHING'S NOT LOST was one of the winners in the Sourcebooks Fire #YALitChat fiction contest. Seriously. Click here to see the announcement for yourself. I click on that link a lot; I'll publicly admit that. Click here if you'd like to read a wee bit of the novel itself.

I've shortened my mantra to one...the one about landing the agent.

What would your mantra be?

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