You Still Have Time...a contest update

There are FIVE more days until this contest ends. I'm at 48 followers - thank you to anyone who has jumped into my world here. Hope you come back and visit.

Spread the word. Tell the world. Invite new readers. Sing it from the top of Mt. Blogosphere.

Shout it out. All are welcome. All are welcome.

As promised in Zee Rules, here are the standings so far:

Hayley = 21 points (you GO girl)
Lisa G. = 5 points
Jeanie C. = 3 points
VRB = 4 points
Doreen = 7 points
Lisa & Laura = 6 points
Joy S. = 3 points
Aaron = 3 points
*If I missed your official entry somehow, please let me know.

Each point = an entry for you to win the Writer's Basket of Goodness. So, Doreen will be entered SEVEN times! You get the picture. Click here for prize details.

Remember, if I pass 50 followers before Friday, April 30th, everyone officially entered will get an extra bonus point!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by, Tweeted about this, blogged about this, Facebooked about this, commented, been supportive and continued reading my blog. Thank you.


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