Ebb and Flow & Potpurri

  • The universe gives: got a partial request for my YA novel
  • The universe takes: got a rejection on previous partial request for my MG novel
  • I learned about a cool community of women writers called She Writes (thanks Doreen). I joined, and I like it already. Check it out here.
  • If you haven't officially entered my Spring-Fresh contest, well, what are you waiting for? It ends April 30th and it's easy, fun and a pretty rad prize is involved. Go on now, git. Check it out here.
  • I got my current YA WIP up to 22,153 words. Holla at your girl.
  • I'm taking pilates reformer lessons 2 X's a week. My core is strengthening on a bi-weekly basis. Just thought you'd like to know.
  • My sister, brother-in-law and their angel of a child, Scarlett Jane come home from Australia for a three week visit in 53 days. That translates to LESS THAN TWO MONTHS for anyone not paying attention. I'm a wee bit excited about this.
  • I admit I am now currently addicted to Twitter. When I see (23)Twitter/Home on a tab above I get sort of verklempt.

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