Funny Friday

I've been collecting BIZARRO Goggle search alerts that brought people to my blog. I couldn't help myself. You'll see...

- Hotline After Dark -- Where The Wilder Things Are - Hotline (my blog is hot)

- I think modsec is making some of my visitors want to stab me with an awl (what's a modsec?)

- Therese Borchard: 10 Good Things About Depression (no way)

- What are some things people not from Texas think about Texans? (hmmm? big hats?)

- Do you think there are some things that are universally annoying? (phony people and liars)

- Tiger Woods: I've Done Some Pretty Bad Things - (ya think?)

- Wingnuts': An Autobiography? (I know a few people who could've written it)

- Help Me - I Think Something's Really Wrong With Me... (I can relate)

- Ten Things to Think About Before Being Sucked Into iPad Fever (I WANT one)

-Kids Prefer Cheese: Some Days, You Learn Things (so true)

- Sean Penn Hopes You Die of Rectal Cancer if Your Disagree with Him (
Say WHAT?)


Look above for CONTEST info. I'm at 41 followers...trying to get to 50. Help a writer out.

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