I'm literally sitting in my gym...sitting in the cafe waiting for dinner. Just finished my pilates reformer class (my 6th class people!!!!!). And I'm thinking. I'm thinking about giving up.

Ha. Got cha. I know what you're all thinking. Now stop that.

I'm thinking about giving up...and how much I never will. See? I'm linking my new found pilates reformer inspiration to my burgeoning writing career (alright, not career...dream) and I'm thinking that I'm not giving up. Now, if you've followed my blog for a while you've heard this from me before. But now, today, right this very minute it seems so big to me. So real. So not-give-uppy.

I wish I could search the web for some inspiration quote or some inspirational photo but the browser here doesn't have tabs. I know, right?

Hopefully you will simply be inspired somehow...some not give up.

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