Does Anyone Else Do This?

I got my WIP up to page 75 this weekend. I'm loving my main character and find deep comfort in repeatedly scouring over my original four pages of typed notes and scene ideas.

But here's the weird part. Sunday morning I scrolled back to page one and started reading - why I do not know - and then I started revising. A lot. And then panicking. A lot. And doubting my writing ability. A lot. And like a good bully, kicking myself when down by repeatedly (and tortuously) reiterating to myself that I am currently un-agented. A lot.

Why do I do this to myself? I am presently angry with my "weekend self" and plan on sending "weekend self" to my room. Bad "weekend self," bad.

Does anyone else do this wicked-type thinking? How do you tell that voice to shove it?

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