My Second Award & Some Cool News

Do you remember when I boldly stated that 2010 is going to be The Year of Kate? Well, I did you know.

From my 12-12-09 post:
In honor of the upcoming 2010 or as I like to call, The Year of Kate. Yeah, I said it. 2010 is all about me and me getting everything I ever dreamed of. And I mean everything. I think 2010 is going down in the history books as the year of years...for me. My brain tells me so. My heart tells me so. And my soul tells me so. I have no secret news -- nothing to reveal -- just a feeling.

2010, I welcome you, fine year, welcome to my life. Come on in and make yourself comfortable, Best-Year-Ev-Ah. I have a feeling we'll be tighter than peanut butter and jelly.

I HEART 2010.

Apparently the universe listened because I've received my second blog award, and I'm humbled yet again. This is the Sunshine Award from Hayley over at The Writer's Hollow. She said I radiate happiness and make her smile,AND that I was balanced and coordinated, as in balancing my home life with my writing. That's all super good in my book.

A big, huge thank you goes out to Hayley for the support of my blog.

I also have a bit of good news. Over at TeenFire I entered a contest for the first 250 of my YA and I'm a semi-finalist. I am in the process of locating the link info on that so ya'll can check out my entry.

And one final thing. And this is a good thing. I read this from an agent I submitted a partial to back on February 14th:
I am really enjoying this material. Could you please mail me the full ms? I would like to continue my read. Thanks!

I get a goofy smile every time I read it. Wish me luck everyone...

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