And theTruth Is...

This was fun, thanks Ray Veen. I found the varied truth selections beyond interesting. I have to say I wish #6 and my mad gaming skills were real, but it is sooooooo very not true. As in embarrassingly so. In short, I suck at video games.

# 2 - I was a little too social my freshman year of college, hence the solid F I earned in Macroeconomics...whatever that is.

You couldn't pay me $100 bucks as a kid to climb a tree. I was too busy pretending I was Laura Ingalls Wilder in my back yard and bossing my three younger sisters an oh so loving way of course. So #1 is a lie.

We did fly to Australia summer 2007 but all of our food stayed deep inside our innards. Thank God! #4, el-lie-oh.

#7 - I really did cocktail waitress at a South Jersey bar, but never fell, never dropped a tray of drinks. Oh no, I was drinking the drinks along with the customers. What can I say, I was 21 and skinny. Tray dropping = lie.

If #5 were to say I was afraid of spiders and anything spider related then that would be an enormous truth. Choking, while not something I'd put on my list of "stuff I'd like to do before I die", it isn't one of my fears.

So, the big reveal.

# 3 is TRUE. 100% true. Every word of it. Oh and, that husband of mine, I met him my freshman year of college and he is totally and completely the reason I failed Macroeconomics. Apparently staring into his eyes was way more important. Alright, it still is. (that was for you, Hayley :)

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