My first post on the 4 D's.

D number 1 is Drive.

Inner drive. The human mind is quite the machine and quite the motivator...but only if allowed to motivate and not sabotage. Think about a time when you talked yourself out of achieving or experiencing, a time you lost your drive. What did you say to yourself to get off track? Why did you say those negative things to yourself?

Can you tell that voice to shutup already?

I found a very interesting ezine article on the topic of inner drive. The writer gives his formula for success:

1. Purpose
2. Inner drive
3. A winning mindset

Well would you look at #2?

Here's what drive means to me, aka, a writer on a mission.

- Write and write a lot, especially when that voice tells me I can't.
- Never waver from my well planned path towards publication. Ever. No matter what.
- Only let rejection hurt for a short amount of time. I'm not a robot, I have to allow myself to cry and feel frustration and even throw a short-lived pity party. It feels good. But then I move on and get right back on my well planned path.
- Keep putting my writing out there in as many public forums as I can. Blogging, website, beta readers, contests, critiques, advice sites, writer's groups, etc...
- Continue to research agents and trends and query accordingly.

Get behind your wheel and drive!

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