Proud to be an American

I believe politics are deeply personal and I am most definitely not one to preach or berate. With that said, I still feel compelled to write out a few of my feelings. My blog is titled, 'Some Things I Think' - right?

Those close to me know that I have been a staunch Obama supporter long before he decided to run for president. His thinking excites me. His views and beliefs align with my own.

As I watched them announce that Barack Obama was our 44th president of the United States of America my face crumpled into my hands and I cried.

Then, my fists pounded in the air, and shouts of joy erupted from my mouth.


I watched McCain's poignant speech and felt he spoke from the heart - he made me proud. Then came President Elect Obama's speech and my tears came on strong. Here's why...

As a nation we broke racial walls down - ignorance and stupidity imploded with three little words, 'Yes We Can'

As a nation we're alive to see a black man voted in as our president when a mere 40 years ago we had separate water fountains, schools and restaurants - hatred and evil thrived - opportunities simply didn't exist for black Americans.

How far we've come.

What a day. What a country.

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