A Date and Some Ear Candy

My mom and her husband took the boys to the movies and had a sleepover last night so Todd and I had a night out. Alleluia. My mom rocks.

We went to dinner...alone...and talked. Wow was it wow-tastical. We clinked our martini glasses and had a bonafide date, old school style, like when we were just two younger married people, sans kids.

After dinner we went to this new place in West Chester called The Note. It's a live music venue. The band was really talented but not my cup of tea. They played Phish and The Dead - I've never liked those bands - not cool enough or funky enough for me. I'm not dissing them, just not for me.

On the way home we rocked the following songs. Loud. Just like I like it. My skin was jumping with the bass.

Below are the few nuggets of complete ear joy:

Universal Mind Control By: Common
* the link will take you to the video. You're welcome. Bold, I know, getting the thanks before you even listen, but the song is that good.

The Master Has Come Back By: Damian Marley
* it is a You Tube video for Adidas but it has 25 seconds of the song. I tried to find a better link but gave up. You'll still hear the funk in those 25 seconds, trust me.

Welcome to Jamrock By: Damian Marley
* the link will take you to the video, the very cool video.

Have a happy Sunday morn.

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