An Idea I Had

I figure there is only so much I can whine about my writing career or lack thereof before I lose what little group of fellow bloggies I have. I had an interesting idea. I thought I could use my Love and Hate lists as writing fodder. I'd be welcoming you into the deep recesses of my'd be peeling back the layers of me. Why am I suddenly getting visions of Dr. Evil's hairless cat? What is the matter with me?

Today's topic, ENTITLEMENT. It is listed under my Things I Hate column. Lemme tell you why.

Entitlement, or in layman's terms, pompus ass'ness, has the evil tendency to make other people feel less than, or embarrassed, or put on the defensive, or not-worthy. All bad in my eyes. Here's what I want to know. What makes one person better than another? What makes one person feel they are entitled to rip another person down? What makes one person feel so bloated with themselves that they think they have the right to be awful to another person?

Race? Gender? Societal Status?
Age? Intelligence? Breeding Rights?
What You Own? What You Drive? What You Eat?
What You Drink? What You Wear? What You Talk On?
What You Sleep On? What You Read? Who You Know?

I mean honestly, aren't we all people? Aren't we supposed to treat all people we come in contact with with dignity and respect? Shouldn't we forever try to lift up those around us? Wouldn't it be cool to shine light on other people's successes instead of finding fault with stuff?

Totally Random Side Note:
Give The Underdog by Spoon a listen. Toe tappin' goodness. Perfect for a Friday night of fun and frolic.

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