A Little MORE Excitement

Got a request for a FULL MANUSCRIPT today from Peter Steinberg at the Steinberg Agency!

That makes me happy. Like perma-smile happy. We'll see. It only takes one agent to like it, at least that's what I keep repeating to myself.

I am so blessed to have people in my personal life that I love and respect rooting for me. Even my bloggie friends are wishing me good stuff - heck, and I don't even truly 'know' you guys - how cool is that? I take every comment and every encouraging push forward and I store it in my Down and Out Box.

Then, when I really need it, I go back and re-read, re-visit, re-member the goodies and they help to sprinkle out the raging fire of doubt within. Ohhh can it blaze.

One query at a time.

*Totally Random Side Note: since I'm talking happy, I defy you to not shake yo'boo-tay to Estelle's song, Wait a Minute. Go on, click on her name and give that song a listen. Go on, shoo. Just be sure you are in a private place - it would be sort of embarassing if your boss or co-worker saw you shakin' it like you mean it. You can thank me later. Go. I want a full report on your experience.

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