The Waiting Game

Back to the journey of my book. So far, nearly 100 people have read my first book, many of whom I don't know at all. The book has sort of taken on its own path as it get passed from reader to reader. It is pretty cool. I used every single word of feedback I got and went back, and went back, and went back to revise and ultimately edit.

By April I felt it was ready to start querying some agents. I did a lot of research with my writing bible: Writer's Market, and generated my top five agents - Writers House was my number one pick initially because of their Writer's Market entry. After further research I realized they currently represented some HUGE authors: James Howe, Stephenie Meyers, Christopher Paolini and Dav Pilkey - big names. They were absolutely my number one choice.

I mailed my initial query letter on April 4, 2008 and the waiting game began. By mid-May I received word they wanted me to mail them part 1 of my book (over 80 pages of the book). You'd have thought I won 100 million dollars when I opened that letter, what with all of my carrying on and jumping and screaming. What a great moment.

Then, more waiting. Tense waiting.

I waited the proper two months stated in their request letter and then I called. I had to know what they thought.

More waiting. All day waiting.

She called me at 6:01 p.m. and proceeded to tell me things that caused me to pace and smile. Her reader reports were in her hands and she said they loved what they read and she wanted me to email her the rest of the book. And she was going to read it. She said I got 'rave reviews' from the readers!!! She asked for a three weeks and told me to reach out to her a few times to spur her on.

I waited two weeks and then sent a short email, asking for feedback.


I waited another week and sent another brief email.


Then, last week she emailed me and said she was still eager to read my book and that she'd be in touch last week.


So, as I type this out, my heart is racing, my stomach is churning and my mind will NOT stop revving with anticipation.

The Waiting Game...

My manuscript is currently in the hands of an agent and has been for a few months.

Guess I'll just have to be patient...and wait.

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