The Birth of a New Idea & a Hurricane

First let me say that my mind is officially blow by Hurricane Gustav's path. I literally can not believe a repeat scene is possible. After Katrina hit, a fellow teacher named Margie (one of my personal heros) organized a volunteer trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. My sister, Meghan and I joined Margie, another teacher and a secretary's husband right after Christmas 2005. We wielded chain saws (insane, I know) and cleared tree after tree...HUMONGOUS trees...from victim's yards.

Now, this was months after Katrina hit and Biloxi was 100% still in ruins. Really, the only thing that was cleared was the main ocean highway...that's it. There are still people living in trailers down there and it is 3 years later. Don't even get me started on the New Orleans debacle.

Lately, I've been formulating new ideas for future books...letting them stew in my mind a bit...some jumping out of the pot and onto paper...some not ready yet, needing to simmer some more. As I typed out one of my new ideas a brand new, chill inducing scenario emerged.

And it involved a hurricane.

God bless the Gulph Coast. My heart, my thoughts & my prayers are with everyone currently displaced and ultimately affected.

On a much different note, I'm curious, how do you get new ideas? It fascinates me.

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