Done Book 2...Woo Hoo

I finished my first round of revision on my second book...and it feeeeellllsss so good. My second round of readers are primed and ready to get their hands on the copies - ready to get in there and give me feedback. They were instrumental while writing my first novel. Their feedback was so deep. Thank god they all agreed to do it again, with book 2.

My first round of readers, aka, my mother, my husband and my best teacher friend, already read my raw first draft, and eventually gave me very, very good reviews. I worked out the kinks with serious revisions and just sent the copy job to Staples...picking up my 3 bound copies tomorrow.

Exciting stuff.

Now all I need is for the agent to get back to me about book 1. For her to tell me she wants to represent my agent. Get this whole thing going...moving along.

For the love of god.

p.s. the second book's title is:
The Origin of Normal
The Journey, The Darkness, The Fear & The King

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