Revising...and Cheese. Just go with it.

I'm in the thick of second round revisions for my second book. You know, when you get to the point when you think of nothing else...nothing but your book...your people...your plot...your scenes. The book tends to creep into your thoughts at unexpected moments, moments that don't particularly lend themselves to pondering or 'lost in thought'ness.

Like, for instance, when your mom calls at 3:42 yesterday afternoon and offers to take your two boys out to the movies and dinner that night, giving you and your loving husband an out-of-the-blue night out. During said night out at one of West Chester's most delicious restaurants - Teca, more specificially, right after the imported cheese plate is delivered by the really good looking waiter. My mouth explodes with the perfection of the Pecorino cheese, infused with bits of truffle while my head... thinking about my book. My daydream-eyes clue my husband in, in addition to the silence after he asks three times, "So what do you think of this cheese, honey?"

Silence and dreamy facial expression. Then, a little more silence.

My mind races with the book. You know what I mean. Don't even try to fake me out. I know. I know.

It is just so damn exciting, this writing business thing. I'm so new to it, the novel writing part anyway. I hope it always feels this good to write and to revise.

I also hope I get to eat that cheese again before I die. It was beyond delicious.

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