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On Tuesday night my husband and I went to the Radiohead concert. We met up with my cousin Lisa and her husband. Before the show we got to talking about Facebook...how addicting it is. My cousin went on to explain the lure of the whole shibang. I tried to resist at first, even had some valid reasons why I couldn't...shouldn't have a Facebook account. But, alas, I caved to the temptation.

I just created my Facebook page yesterday and I already have 19 friends. I know, some people have hundreds of friends, thousands if you are, like, the most popular person. I've never been the most popular person. All the way back to elementary school, Saint Laurence, in Upper Darby, PA - class of '80.

28 years ago I didn't long to be in the popular group. I liked my friends, a lot. My crowd held the smartest guy in the whole 8th grade, the second smartest guy in the whole 8th grade, fellow Empire Strikes Back lovers, amazing writers (diary writing, of course), clever kids, funny kids, confident kids. A few things my crowd didn't have were drinking, drugs, cigarettes or sex. Nope, none of that.

Instead we had a Halloween party where we innocently played pass the orange. If you've never had the opportunity to play the epitome of adolescent innocence...let me explain. One places an orange underneath their tucked neck and attempts to pass said orange to the boy or girl of their dreams...with no hands. Oh, the thrill of skin touching skin which could easily be explained away as, "What? I had to get the orange to him, didn't I?"

Well, a few of my old 8th grade friends are part of my 19 Facebook friends. People I have never forgotten. How cool is that?

Thanks cousin Lisa.

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