VOTING for the Cracked Book Trailer Contest

Voting details in numbers THINGS IN RED HAVE BEEN REVISED:

1. THANK YOU to the filmmakers who took their time to make a live action book trailer for CRACKED. Like, huge, mountainous piles of thank yous.

2. The Linkylist is closed to future entries, thanks.

3. Tell everyone you know to come right here and cast votes. Even your grandmother.

4. TO CAST YOUR VOTE, all you have to do is click the "Like" underneath your favorite trailer. It's that easy.

5. In light of only having 4 official entrants, and there already being three clear/obvious, top three winners, I have decided to end the voting portion of my contest on 
Friday, January 20, 2012 at 9 PM EST

As stated in the Filmmaker's Kit, THE ORDER OF THE WINNERS WILL BE DECIDED BY ME**

6. The order of the winners (first place, second place, third place) will now be announced here on Monday, January 23rd.

7. BEST OF LUCK to the contestants. And one more thank you.

Okay, listen up everyone, I've shut down comments on this particular post in an effort to keep this contest friendly. I know there are some spirited fans out there, but let's remember that this is a competition in which actual Hollywood professionals will be looking at. Like the real deal kind of professionals. 

And be nice to each other out there. Geesh.

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