CRACKED is Released!

I woke up from a dead sleep at 12:04 last night with this big, goofy grin. I hopped on twitter and FB and enjoyed the excitement. My book, the book about "my boys"--the bully and his victim--was out there. For people.

That's some crazy, crazy stuff.

Well, in honor of that crazy, crazy stuff I have some cool things brewing:

1. Anyone who captures a photo of CRACKED out in the wilds, on an actual bookstore shelf, and emails it to me, will be entered into a giveaway drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. All details can be found HERE. *NOTE, I encourage you to buy your copy of CRACKED--or any book for that matter--in the wild. Like, in the bookstore where you take your photo. As brilliantly pointed out by Joanne in her comment below, "Bookstores will only survive if customers support them." Well said, my friend.

2. The second leg of my Teen Book Scene Blog Tour launched yesterday. There are character interviews, reviews of CRACKED and author interviews! Full details and links can be found HERE.

3. My craft post is up on The Apocalypsies blog today, and I'm focusing on the art of accepting critique. You can read it HERE.
4. I'M HAVING A GIVEAWAY! Wheee. Here's how it goes:

- Anyone who helps me spread the word of CRACKED's release and tells me how they did so in a comment, right here on my blog, is officially entered.

- You can tweet (use the hashtag #CRACKED), FB, blog, tumblr, sing, shout, whisper in people's ears in the bookstore, take photos, call people. In other words, anything goes.

- PRIZES are this gorgeous, hand stamped key chain made by my dear friend and colleague Christina Lee. I encourage you to visit her site and see evidence of her talent. And a custom made t-shirt that coincides with this-here-song-parody I made last summer. Once you watch the video, the t-shirt will make sense. Finally, a custom made CRACKED magnet.

- This giveaway will run till Wednesday, January 11th at midnight EST. Giveaway winner announced here on Thursday, January 12th.

- Have fun and I THANK YOU for helping me spread the word about CRACKED's release.

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