10 Days Left of 2010...and my Top 5 Books of the Year

Since this is primarily a book about writing and writers I thought it fitting to start out my TOPS posts with my favorite 5 books of 2010.

*all 5 titles were released in 2010*

I read a ridiculous amount of books this year, and it felt so good. Just to give you an idea, I read close to 30 this summer alone. I was a bona fide reading machine.

The following books impacted me during and after reading. Lingered, if you will. Each would pass Libba Bray's "Is it true yet?" test with flying colors.

#5 Catching Fire by Suzanne CollinsWHY: This book was intense with killer chapter endings and in my opinion, a well done ending to the series.

#4 The Magicians by Lev Grossman
WHY: I have already gushed about this book HERE. But let me add - if you are either a writer or a fan of spectacular writing, then this book is a must read. Regardless if you're a fantasy fan or not. It's that good.

#3 Room by Emma Donoghue
WHY: I have already gushed about this book HERE. But let me add - if you have a beating heart and you are a fan of incredible storytelling and character development then this book is a must read. It is simply amazing.

#2 Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A. S. King
WHY: Gushed HERE. And I'd like to add that I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Ms. A.S. King at two book store events; she is simply put, one cool chick. So if you like spot on (and true) dialogue, then Vera Dietz is your girl. This book is just so damn good.

And...drum roll please...my #1 book of 2010 is...

wait for it...


still wait...

#1 THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson
WHY: Review HERE with much gushing. This book was stuffed with countless, "I wish I could write like that's" and "Wow, this writer is amazing's" - absolutely filled with glorious writing. It's so good I believe I may read it again.

Hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Books of 2010. Keep reading out there!!!!

*I also read an ARC of James Howe's ADDIE ON THE INSIDE - review coming after the New Year. I know it will make my 2011 top five because of both the writing and the impact it had on me. It releases in July of 2011.

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