The Magicians

We all know I half-liked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Well, I just finished The Magicians by Lev Grossman and I'll sum it up in one word for you.


Yeah, loved it.

It is a gritty and very grown up book about a high school senior named Quentin who finds out he's actually got magical powers. Yes, Mr. Potter has popped in my mind a few times - the author even brilliantly weaves in a few nods to him - but this book is definitely for adults.


And about the writing, well, it is extremely strong and tight and sophisticated. Lev uses words I've never even heard of before, and I'm a voracious reader. I do enjoy a good, but not overwhelming, reading challenge and this fits the bill. Also, I can't tell you how many times, as a writer, I re-read a brilliant line and marveled at his sheer genius.

The guy can write like a muther.

If you're into fantasy novels then get your hands on this book...if you're a grown up (I'd say it would be appropriate for 17 and up).

p.s. I'll be laptop-free till Monday...taking the boys to Great Wolf Lodge for the weekend.

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