I'm Taking a Blog Break...for a really good reason

Click HERE first. It'll only take a second to read but it is crucial for the rest of this post to make any sense whatsoever.

You're back? Great.

Okay, so first of all, how cool is Susan Mills? If you have a chance, read through her blog - she is witty and oh so clever with those shoes, and she gives tons of well thought out writing advice - things to consider - tips, etc... Her dedication to her writing craft is astounding and whoever snaps her up as a client will have one of the hardest working writers around. She puts everything into her writing.

I seriously hope my break from blogging - which comes at the perfect time actually - I have Federal Jury Duty for the next three days (I know, right?) - attracts exactly what Susan deserves.

A agent.

p.s. she doesn't know I'm doing this : )

p.s.s. I'm thinking I'll be back Monday...maybe

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