A Brief Hello

Hello, blog friends; I've missed you. I know this is a harried time of year for all, regardless of what holiday you celebrate at home. I feel your pain.

So I'll keep this brief.

I have plans to do what I did last year and have a blog countdown of my top things from 2010.

Top Books

Top Songs

Top Writery Moments

Top Movies

Top Things I Learned

Top Spectacular Moments (duh, like ya'll can't figure out my top moment)

I know some of you may be thinking - yeah, so who cares? I hear you, you snarky little monkeys. And to you I say, whatever, I like recaps. They make me giddy. I suspect it's why I also adore lists and notes and such. Consider my upcoming posts pure, fluffy fun in recap form. Fabulous.

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