Pretty Much the Coolest Thing

Remember waaaaaaaay back when the wicked cool, Mercedes and I challenged each other to a NaNo write-off? Click HERE to refresh your memory. I'll wait, honest.

Okay, so now we're on the same page and back to the coolest thing ever. And FYI I totally won that challenge. My prize? The wicked cool Mercedes had to compose and sing a song about the winner...aka...ME. Being the good sport and good friend that she is, her song was great and she posted it on her blog. She is a brave woman.

Well, there's more to the coolest thing ever. Meet Mason Bundschuh - he's Mercedes' good friend. Any friend of hers is a friend of mine (she's that wicked cool, trust me). He's in a band called Atlas Takes Aim with his wife - how awesome is that? And he's a writer.

Here comes pretty much the coolest thing ever part. Well, it'll be easier if you just click HERE. Trust me. It's cool.

Thanks, Mason!

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