...With All of My Free Time

I've been able to unwrap the sprains on my right leg and put pressure on my leg, fairly pain-free pressure I might add. My left ankle is still mangled. But, I'm choosing to look at it through optimistic eyes and I say, "At least half of me is partially healed."

I officially had had enough of my bedroom, so I decided to try and make it downstairs. The way my staircase is laid out is actually very conducive to a 41 year old woman trying to navigate down with an aircast on her left ankle. Weird. I hobble-jumped down to the bottom. My boys cheered when I made it down and my husband was waiting with...my walker. True love.

With all of my free time, I've been furiously revising the query for my latest YA. Fellow writers helped critique it on Absolute Write, and I'm still in the queue on Evil Editor. I'm on draft 5 right now.

Aren't query letters so hard to nail? I mean, writing the dang book was nothing compared to shrinking it down, effectively, into one interesting, captivating, request-producing, page. I never liked summarizing when I was little, and I guess I still don't. I always think I've written a killer query letter and then when the feedback rolls in it tells me different.

Plug away I will.

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