What Makes a Great Story?

Since Time and I have been so cozy lately, I'm able to intelligently wrestle with life's big questions.

Who invented fat cells?

What is the attraction of eating one's boogers? I'll never understand it.

Why do young people from California elongate the end of their words and up-talk? Like thissssss? Like whyyyyyy? What-everrrrrrrrr.

Why does wearing Chaptsick only create the overwhelming need to re-apply more Chapstick?

Why do LOST fans have to endure such a painful wait until its premier? Why, god of TV, why?

And then, yesterday, I received an email from my brother-in-law's sister, which effectively stopped all of my cavernous thinking. Hey Alison!

It's a funny little video. Watch and then come back to me...

You know how us blogger/writer types process.

I immediately thought to myself, "Hey, self. How's it going today with your fine self?"

Then, I thought,"Self, you know what? That video would be a great post on your blog!"

Myself said to...myself, "Damn, that's a good idea."

What makes a great story? What makes a grrrrrrrrreat story? Obvious answer, duh, the writing. It all goes back to the writing. Which points a big ol' finger at the writer. The writer makes a great story.

I'm of the ilk that great stories possess great characters, great events and great chapter endings.

I know what I know, but I'd also like to know what you know. And, share...

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